Imaginary Friends
An experimental video with a surreal and haunting feeling.
Walking Daydream
A short experimental film set in a urban industrial collapse of an old factory. Ghostly and surreal.
A video art collaboration with my father Gerald Sangiuliano and Actress Rachael Woodworth.
Distant Land
An experimental film set in an urban landscape of an empty town, post industry collapse. Surreal and haunting, edgy and mysterious.
Hustling Roses
Hustling Roses is en experimental film about youth and the obscurity of industrialized waste. Having post apocalyptic undertones of the pandemic and modern society neglect of the under class. Surreal and haunting imagery.

The Tea Party
A surreal psychological art film series taken place in a semi post-apocolyptic world. A family of two share tea together, trying to maintain a sense of normalacy in a decaying place.
Chance Arrival of a Bird From Lungs
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