Alicia Sangiuliano
Alicia is a multi-media artist based out of Ithaca NY. 
She is a member of The State of the Art Gallery • founder of  The Portrait Studio in Ithaca, and Avenue Exist Magazine.  
Alicia has studied painting at the New York Studio School and the San Francisco Art Institute. She has spent allot of time traveling and working with the music collective 5lowershop in San Francisco. 
For many years Alicia was a freelance photojournalist in the Bay Area documenting the social conditions of economic discrimination and animal welfare.  She is a dedicated artist, mother and activist. 
This website is a collection of her work from the past decade to the present. She offers custom portrait sessions in her downtown studio or on location. If you like her work feel free to reach out and send an email to

Published in [A] Neon Garden 

Artist Statement
My artwork examines the ways in which trauma can affect a woman’s identity and how it influences the reflection of her own self-image. I explore the complex issues of the female psyche and body that is deeply rooted in mystery, unafraid. My work delves into the issues of identity, motherhood, and beauty through a feminist lens. I want to change the conventional way we normally view the female, not as something to admire, but more a reflection of her inner power.  
By incorporating both traditional and digital techniques that reveal beautiful, obscure and complex designs, I utilize a combination of techniques including painting, collage, photography, handmade materials, double exposures, color, and texture. I challenge the American beauty standard that is confining and repressive.  
I want my work to defy how physical appearance is a measurement of self-worth. These societal norms can be harmful to the health and sanity of a woman. I want to express a voice to those who walk in silence bearing the painful burdens our society makes us suffer through alone. To show the raw and underlying stories of loss, separation, and tragedy in an artistic way that people can understand and relate.